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Who am I and Why should you care?

I am not an award-winning researcher, an honoured academic, or a teacher. I am not a qualified psychologist who has any desire to sit and analyse everything you do or say (or don’t say for that matter!). What I am is an ordinary person who wants to get others through the same self-restrictive, self-doubting feelings that I went through and support you in living the life that you can, and should.

Are you an over-thinker? A people pleaser?

Someone who has experienced feelings of self-doubt, or feelings of being an imposter? Someone who has lost nights of sleep with those all-consuming feelings of waking up and waiting for the moment that your boss realises that putting you in the role you are in was a bad decision and you’ll be ousted? Feelings of people thinking you are stupid. Out of your depth. Too young. Too old. Too sensitive. Not like the last person in the role you’re now in. Yep, me too.

Who I am is someone who has battled with these kinds of feelings regularly and in almost every major aspect of my life. One of the solutions I have learnt though is to not think you can change who you are (or to even want to!), but to learn to manage these feelings and use them for good. I am a firm believer that everything you want is just outside your comfort zone, but pushing yourself sometimes to believe that you are either capable and/or deserving of what you want is sometimes where we get stuck.

Through my various roles in HR and Communications over the last 10 years, I have worked with many people and I am particularly motivated by supporting women to realise their full potential. Too often women get in their own way and impact their own success through a lack of confidence or ability to sell themselves the way their male counterparts may– I am motivated by helping you realise this sooner and support you to put strategies in place to ensure that you are the architect of your own success.

I would love you to learn more about the Eating your Cake Too methodology through my blog posts, or through connecting with me.